Pu-erh & garlic tea, thanks Loki

Sounds odd right?

I ate some bad food last night. No vomitting or anything like that, just some nausea at first which has now passed but I’m left with some terrible stomach cramping. No fever and I feel fine otherwise. I know it’s not serious but I’d like to get this over and done with.

I decided to make myself some tea to help calm my stomach. I chose Pu-erh because it’s good for the digestive system.

While sitting on my couch and contemplating Loki, I had a random voice pop into my head and tell me to take some of the fresh garlic I received as a gift, take one clove and crush it slightly before putting it in with my tea to steep. It was so random. I haven’t used garlic in anything for a few days.
I thought “that was weird” to myself and then I heard a “just do it” in that somewhat seductive and charming tone.

I did, while letting it steep I looked up the affects of garlic on the stomach and apparently garlic tea (steeping just garlic in boiling water) is amazing for cleaning out the stomach of harmful bacteria and for detoxing it in general.


I mixed the Pu-erh and the garlic so I wasn’t drinking straight up garlic (although I love it enough, I should have just tried that.)

Because the Pu-erh is savory and earthy it actually goes very well with the garlic, it tastes quite amazing and it’s extremely soothing.

This post has the most bizarre mix of tags…ugh.

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