Officially an LMT

Guess what?

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist! That means I went through a bunch of training (1,000 hours to be exact), took a state licensing exam, paid fees, and jumped through hoops to get this title.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. Yes! I can now put the letters LMT behind my name. I am damn proud of this. Unless you go to school for massage therapy you have no idea what these people go through. Granted some states don’t have these requirements or requirements as high as Iowa (Iowa doesn’t even have the highest number of requirements!) but I went through SO much to get to where I am. I went above and beyond the number of hours required in my state actually.

I will proudly display my license and all my certifications on my wall.

I start work on the 15th, I already have one booking and plan on having at least three both days I’m working next week.

I just finished making my intake forms, I have one for massage and one for Reiki.

Yes, this is happening!

  1. constantine-spiritworker said: YAY YOU DID IT! I knew you could I just wanted to chime in on the YAAAAAYs and that sounded more fun don’t mind me la la la
  2. justadeerheart said: Congrats! I considered doing that once but found it wasn’t worth the hassle to have to touch people every day for a living. Ew, people xD But good job on the hard work and I hope you enjoy it!
  3. thegreenwolf said: Congrats!!!
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