Apothic Dark

I just ordered two bottles of Apothic Dark!!! I’m taking advantage of a deal that’s going on right now via www.thebarrelroom.com. I got 25% off and 1 cent shipping. I’ll take that! 

Plus I called the local grocery store that has a huge (and quite amazing stock) wine and spirits section and when I asked if they had Apothic Dark the guy said “You mean Apothic Red?” and I said “No…Apothic Dark, it’s their new release.” So…I’m thinking my area won’t have it for a little while, it’s better I just go this route and order online so I make sure I get to try it.


Apothic Red has been labeled as my favorite wine. Let’s see how Apothic Dark does. I’m scared it’s going to become my favorite and it’s only a limited release D: